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Meet Steve Harkins

Sheriff Steve Harkins Pic.jpg


Steve Harkins has been in law enforcement since 1991. Harkins started his law enforcement career as a dispatcher with the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office and was later hired by the Hailey Police Department as a patrol officer. He joined the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office in 1998 as a detective. In 2009, Harkins was promoted to the Chief of Ketchum Police and oversaw operations of the police services contract with Blaine County. Harkins was appointed Chief Deputy of the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office in 2014 before having the honor of being elected as sheriff in 2016 and re-elected in 2020.


Steve Harkins has law enforcement background and training include the College of Southern Idaho Law Enforcement, a graduate of the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Command College, Idaho Sheriff Association New Sheriff School, and approximately 2000 hours of specialized training. He supervised the Blaine County Narcotics Enforcement Team, (“NET”) for 17 years. Sheriff Harkins holds Advanced, Master, and Management Certificates from the Idaho Peace Officers Standards and Training Council.


Safety and Accountability for
Blaine County

As Sheriff, Steve Harkins is committed to promoting public safety and ensuring that the Sheriff's Department is accountable to the community it serves. Steve believes that the Sheriff's Department should be transparent and responsive to community concerns, and he will work to build trust between law enforcement and the residents of Blaine County. Steve also understands that effective law enforcement requires collaboration with community organizations and other law enforcement agencies. He will work to build strong partnerships that promote public safety and enhance the quality of life in Blaine County.

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